Pool Masters Leak Detection & Repair
Specializing In Finding Leaks When Others Can't!

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What We Do
Pool Masters Leak Detection & Repair is a Houston, Texas based company
that specializes in swimming pool leak detection and repairs.  
Additionally we have over 5 years experience with both commercial and residential
swimming pools. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the field of leak 
detection and we service hundreds of pools each year. 

Leak Detection

Our friendly staff uses the latest technology
to find leaks. First we pressurize the plumbing to make sure that every pipe
underground holds pressure. If not, we can locate the leak using ultrasonic listeners.

If your plumbing checks out OK, but the leak is somewhere in the shell of the pool. 
Our divers are experienced and well trained to find leaks of this type.

Line Repairs

Minimizing excavations. Once we have pinpointed the location of a broken pool pipe,

the line then needs to be repaired. Because your pool deck is the only thing people will
see once the repair is complete,we understand the importance of minimizing excavation.
To make a clean hole, we start by saw-cutting the concrete. The concrete deck and the 
gunite underneath are then jackhammered out to expose the pipe. Our techs carefully cut 
out the broken section and use signature repair techniques to reconnect the pipe and 
minimize restrictive flow.

Pool beautiful. We retest the pipe to ensure a sound repair and, if necessary, locate secondary leaks along the same line. We backfill and compact the ground. The final step is the most aesthetically important. Pool decks have many different textures, colors, and designs. We strive to match color and texture as closely as possible to prevent eyesores in your most valued leisure-time area.

Skimmer Replacements

Easier said than done. Skimmers look fairly simple from the deck: a lid with a basket, an opening into the pool with a weir to skim the water. But below the surface, that skimmer is built into the pool wall, reinforced with rebar, and plumbed with various lines encased in gunite. It is of utmost importance that a replacement skimmer not shift or separate from the pool wall.

A technical job. Skimmer replacements are a highly technical repair. Once we’ve removed the skimmer and the new skimmer has been installed, we retest the plumbing to ensure the pipes are free of leaks. The skimmer is reattached to the pool wall by pouring a concrete collar around the body of the skimmer. Finally, we patch the deck and skimmer throat with attention to aesthetic detail.